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Jyotish (Astrology)

Jyotish (Astrology) is vast and for delineation of result a host of astrological particulars and various other details are required the calculation of all these is a very bewildering and time consuming task. It is science study of plane Zodiac sign etc.. If the correct date of birth , month , year , birth time and birth place is known it is very easy to know about a particular person. Planet plays very important role in the development of human being. The combination of different planet make different type of YOG such as KAALSARPA YOG, CHANDAAL YOG, MANGLIK YOG, GAJKESRI YOG, RAJ YOG etc....... Some YOG fulfill our life and some YOG Disturb our life.
Jyotish is a Sanskrit term derived from the word "jyoti" or "light". Jyotish is the Vedic science of Astrology and Astronomy. It is the science of the luminaries
So many newcomers to Vedic astrology may find its calculation or interpretation methods quite complicated and unreasonable. But from modern science we also know that even the simplest cell of our organism is incredibly complicated in its structure and function. Therefore we should not expect that a system describing the fate and all characteristics of a person should be very simple and exact at the same time. We should have the faith that the teachings of the Maharishis are perfect, and if we follow in line with them, we will gain the ability to understand the principles of Jyotish and apply them correctly.
Jyotish , also anglicized Jyotish and Jyotisha, is the Hindu system of astrology (also known as Indian astrology, Hindu astrology, and of late, Vedic astrology). Traditionally, it has three branches. Actually the word Jyotish belongs to the Vedangas. There are six Vedangas: Shiksha (phonetics), Kalpa (rituals), Vyakarana (grammar), Jyotishya (astronomy), Nirukta (etymology) and Chhandas (metrics). These are mentioned in the Upanishads. Nirukta has explained as dhyotiti yat tat jyotihi jyotisham i.e. which enlightens us that type of a flame a Jyoti that is Jyotish.

Vaastu (Vaastu Shastra)

From the aesthetic point of view among creation of human beings Vaastu Shastra is important and high ranked . In fact, Vaastu Shastra is most charming, amorous and pleasant and it is possessed by its permanent value and most attractive elements of human civilization.
Its importance has been explained in the Indian civilization thousand years ago. According to it before constructing our house hotel, factory, office, clinic, hospital, restaurant, inn or temple etc. We should know (go through) the five elements and do the construction accordingly so that one gets PEACE, PROSPERITY & HAPPINESS.
These five elements are as under :
1. EARTH   2. WIND   3.   LIGHT 4.   ENERGY   5. AIR

Our body is made of these five elements and therefore in this whole process Vaastu Shastra has beeen very much advantageous.
Many people do not know this but when they come to know this they make changes in their houses at the cost of lots of money according to the advice of the Vaastu Shastri.
Here is our humble attempt to make you know yourself the real and basic principles as well as all the directions, elements and proper planning. If necessary after making minor changes and getting natural gift, get the advantage of PEACE, PROSPERITY & HAPPINESS.

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