These are among the best 2022 games to date.

From racing around the Nurburgring and cerebral androids on the run to assembling the first Pokedex and taking on robot dinosaurs. Here are the top games of this year to date.


This inventive, social-media-friendly word game was the uplifting story of the early part of the year, as mysterious coloured-block emojis proliferated across social media and a large portion of the globe was caught up in guessing the most popular word that day. Wordlemania may have faded slightly since the New York Times took over, but it will still remain a popular game until 2022.

We said that simplicity is the key to success. Every day, a Wordle is released. The same Wordle is accessible to everyone across the world. There aren’t any ads, no pestering messages requesting you to come every day, and absolutely no unique skins. The game’s rejections of capitalism that is the hallmark of many video games is an unassuming, refreshing quality. Long might Wordle remain as pure.”

Elden Ring

A stunning and intricate action-fantasy game by Hidetaka Mikaziki, one the greatest game directors in the world, and FromSoftware an incredibly inexhaustible team of game developers.Read more salmanzafar.me At website Articles You don’t know what you’ll find and you’ll be defeated in 50 different ways, however you’ll always be begging for more.

What we meant by that: “Video games can be various things, expressing a variety of artistic goals. However, most share one goal: To create an engaging imaginary world filled with fascinating mysterious secrets and intriguing mysteries, as well as abundant opportunities to compete and work together. The goal is to create a liminal space where players can fix what is broken and order what is chaotic. Elden Ring, by this definition, is perhaps the best game ever developed.

OlliOlli World

The fun game of skateboarding features a chill soundtrack and a unique soundtrack and a unique art style. You make a cute skater, personalize your board , and then take it out over surreal, dreamy landscapes. You’ll be grinding on rails while wall-riding billboards that are held by huge bees, trying to find as many tricks you can in each, tightly designed game.

What we wrote: “From it’s free-spirited counterculture aesthetic and the flamboyant graphics, this is the gaming counterpart of a weekend in Brighton A fun and immersive experience for anybody who isn’t a skater can still get a Van.

Horizon Forbidden West

This is a massively intimidating game that is a blast to play, but playing through the post-apocalyptic US with the red-haired warrior Aloy is an absorbing and thrilling experience. The dangers of conflicting tribes and intimidating robot dinosaurs are real, however, it’s the world of the game featuring its incredible treasures extraordinary characters and breathtaking scenes which creates the excitement. It’s an incredible game even after spending more than 50 hours playing it.

We explained that Horizon was when I was exploring the world and following any tracks I found. I spent hours in the wilderness, retrieving random artefacts from old train stations or crashed planes, and scrapping the intimidating mechanical creatures that terrorize the area.”

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Arceus is the very first change to the twenty-five-year-old Pokemon system. It’s more of a researcher than a fighter and you travel back in time to build the first Pokedex. Although it’s not the best but it is able to inspire even older millennials to awe at the creatures and the wilds they reside in.

We stated: “Twenty six years after I first spotted my first Pokemon. The Pokemon franchise is still in its early stages and that giddy sense of excitement is returning.”

Total War: Warhammer III

This is the last chapter of a vast, operatic fantasy game trilogy. Eight factions of fantastically exaggerated daemons. Dwarves. Undead. Ogres battle epic battles to establish and protect their kingdoms. The sandbox is an excellent location to play Warhammer players to enjoy.

What we thought: “Warhammer’s real trick has always been its ability to stay in a snarky way about its own excesses while building worlds with genuine imagination. Creative Assembly caps off the trilogy with some of the most thrilling funny writing.”


In the past, you had to pore over the game’s manual whenever you encountered a difficulty instead of searching Google to get answers in a flash, Tunic is an enigmatic and extremely innovative adventure game that draws inspiration from the classic Zelda. Its temples, dungeons and abandoned buildings are filled with mysterious puzzles and creatures. They’ll challenge your imagination and your brain. It’s adorable too.

We said that it was a privilege that a game doesn’t push you to reach the next level but instead offers players the ability to think.

Nintendo Switch Sports

In this fun and friendly sport you can play against your friends and family in bowling, tennis as well as sword-fighting. The motion controls are enjoyable and easy for anyone to play with, though not without some skill. This game is an excellent option for children.

What we thought: “None of these sports will be sufficient to last an entire game, but together, and paired with Nintendo’s charming and sleek design and brain-infesting soundtrack, they are the makings of a fun time”

Gran Turismo 7

The highly detailed racing simulation is the ultimate realistic video game experience for driving, while also holding on to its trademark eccentricity. If you want to know the experience of having to race around the Nurburgring 24 hours a day in heavy rain in the night, GT7 will let you. You can also collect obsessive details of cars although the in-game economy isn’t without its flaws. This is an extremely high-end tribute to automobile culture.

We wrote: “It is reassuring to be aware that Gran Turismo retains its distinct, unique nature despite the ever-growing technical advancement.” It is present in the Grab-bag Mission Mode, which shows that racing between Fiat 500s sporting 17 brake horsepower Fiat 500s could be just equally thrilling and thrilling as one race between 50 horsepower Fiat 500s.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

A fun-filled family game which takes the players through the main Star Wars films in inimitable comedy style, providing an assortment of hilarious jokes and collectibles as well as everything else that a young Star Wars fan (or their parent) might want. It’s amazing to witness the evolution of technology in this collection of games.

What we thought: “These games have always tried to bring back our favorite family movie franchises as we select to recall them, free of the tedious, indulgent and problematic bits. This is the place where even The Phantom Menace can be enjoyed.

Citizen Sleeper

You’re an android that belongs to a company and you’re on the run. This is a thought-provoking, thoughtful game that makes use of expressive images and text to convey its ideas of technology and humanity. It’s a much more cerebral experience than most sci-fi.

What we wrote: “The characters are so well-drawn, both literally and in a metaphorical sense and it’s tempting to spend as long as you can in their circle.”


A recent high point in video game storytelling, NORCO is an intelligent vivid, emotional portrait of the town and its community nearing collapse, based on the experiences of its creators growing up in the real-life refinery town of Norco, Louisiana. It is described as a point-and-click-based adventure with detailed, interesting graphic art, it’s bizarre, funny and sharp and always well-written. An unforgettable piece of social and environmental commentary that is part satire and part illustration of a depressed society.